General Questions:

Why did the KCUC transition to a new system?

Kootenai County Utilities Council has entered into an agreement with One Call Concepts, Inc. (OCC) under which OCC will provide all One Call services for Kootenai County, Idaho effective December 1, 2021. The new system provides KCUC member utilities and excavators with new, easy to use, and exciting technological capabilities.

KCUC is responsible for coordinating the locating of underground utility lines in Kootenai County Idaho. These utilities include electric, gas-oil-steam, communications-CATV, water, sewer, temporary survey markings and proposed excavation. With the huge investment that all Utilities have in underground infrastructure, it is vitally important that you call us prior to digging on any project, large or small. Call 1-800-428-4950 to notify KCUC of your planned excavation or stay tuned for more information about submitting your locate requests online – it’s free!

OCC has a number of exciting technological capabilities. For example, members now have the ability to create, modify, delete, and maintain their notification areas via a simple web-based interface. Members have the ability to create extremely specific notification areas to reduce notifications that result in a clear/no conflict status. Members also have access to free ticket management tools through OCC, that allows them to manage all of their notifications and workflow distribution. Excavators now have access to ITIC, OCC’s user-friendly online ticket entry tools and are able to submit locates 24/7/365 from anywhere with internet access. Users can provide supporting documents via the upload feature and can easily map out the area where the work is taking place on a multi-layer interactive map. A customized ticket management tool designed specifically for excavators is available as well at no charge. Some areas served by OCC receive 80% of their located tickets via ITIC, which OCC believes is a testament to its intuitive interface and user experience.

When did the new KCUC system go live?

December 1, 2021

What are some of the software tools in the new KCUC system?
  • ISITE: The web portal for the suite of online notification area database management tools and ticket management tools. A single login will permit access to multiple tools, saving time.
  • IMAP: For member utilities to manage their notification area databases.
  • Locator Ticket Management (LTM): For member utilities to control the management, assignment, tracking and response of locate requests.
  • Excavator Ticket Management: For excavators to manage, track and monitor their locate requests.
  • Ticket Check: A positive response system where member utilities may provide information regarding ticket status.
  • Search and Status: A public portal that enables users to search, view and print copies of locate tickets, including positive response.
  • ITIC: For use by excavators for submitting and managing ticket requests online.
  • ITIC Lite: A simplified tool for use by homeowners for submitting ticket requests online.
Where can I obtain training for the new system and products?

Free training on all of the new systems and products is available. Send an email to nwitic@occinc.com to get more information regarding dates and times.

Send an email to KCUC811@occinc.com to be added to the KCUC mailing list for future communications.

What is the numbering system for ticket numbers after December 1, 2021?
The ticket number will be nine digits (YYJJJTTTT). The first two numbers represent the year (2022 = 22), the next three numbers represent the Julian date (the day of the year 1-365), and the last four numbers are the sequential ticket number for the day(1-9999th ticket taken on that particular day). The 250th ticket processed on January 4, 2022 would have a ticket number of 220040250.

Contact Information:

Are the KCUC contact phone numbers the same?

For KCUC excavation notification services, the contact numbers are the same.

To file a locate request:
800-428-4950 or 811

**As a reminder the 811 call routing system is based on the physical location you are calling from and/or the cell tower that routes your call. Calling 811 from outside or near the Kootenai county line could result in your call being routed to a different call center. To reach the Kootenai county one call center directly call 800-428-4950.

What website do I use after December 1, 2021?

The web addresses used for submitting requests, updating member notification areas and performing other online tasks is www.kootenaicounty811.com.

Will my old bookmarks still work after the transition December 1, 2021?

For KCUC specific access set a bookmark for this website www.kootenaicounty811.com. The website will always have the most up to date access to the online tools.

Is there a mobile app for the new KCUC system?

YES! There will be a mobile app for KCUC in 2022. Watch for the official launch date at www.kootenaicounty811.com.

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